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Geometric fire globe:
Small starting at $450, size: 29” x 32”
Medium starting at $850, size: 43.5” x 48”
Large starting at $1250, size: 58” x 64” 
To customize: $500 – $1300+

Base pricing consists of solid, or hollow panels
It allows for 4 half hexagons, 2 three quarter hexagons 8 full hexagons and 5 full pentagons of customization

Geometric Fire Globes

Geometric Fire Globes are made from 10 gauge thickness steel. Painted in 2000 degree temperature resistant paint. They can be customized any way possible, limited by size on some designs. When using designs we already have made or something we can resell we don’t charge design time only cut time. Typically custom designs add 25-50$ per design depending on size of fire pit and complexity. It can be used multiple times throughout the fire pit at no extra charge though. You get a maximum of 4 half hexagons, 8 full hexagons, 5 pentagons and 2 three quarter hexagons of customization.



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